Eriman design, manufacture, supply, install and commission immersion and outflow heaters which are most suitable for storage tanks of oils, chemicals and any contents for raising the temperature. These heaters are best alternative to tubular immersion heaters. Emiran designed the system in such a way, that whenever any heater is required to replace, it is not necessary to remove the contents from the tank. Design: 40mm/50mm dia of 2.5mm thick MS/SS seamless tubes are welded on a flange. This flange will be jointed to the flange which is welded on a tank wall. ceramic heaters where the OD is equal to the ID of the seamless tubes, will be inserted into the seamless tubes. A required terminal box will be arranged to the outside of the immersion heater. In case of outflow heater, besides the tank flange, there will two other flanges jointed with a pipe. The seamless tubes will be welded on the flange which is after the outlet. These heaters are made with different wattages and different sizes. Made out of MS, SS304, SS316, SS316L and as per customers choice.


Total wattage of the heater Flange dia No.of seamless tubes. Wattage of catridge heater in each tube. Dia of the tube Total length of the tube.
3 K.W. 100 mm 01 3 K.W. 40mm 600mm
6 K.W. 150 mm 03 2 K.W. 40mm 600mm
9 K.W. 150 mm 03 3 K.W. 50mm 800mm
12 K.W. 150 mm 03 4 K.W. 50mm 800mm
18 K.W. 150 mm 03 6 K.W. 50mm 1000mm
24 K.W. 300 mm 06 4 K.W. 50mm 1000mm
36 K.W. 455 mm 06 6 K.W. 50mm 1200mm
48 K.W. 455 mm 06 8 K.W. 50mm 1500mm


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